In Ricochet, the disc is upgradeable by powerups. Powerups can be found on most maps, and can be grabbed by jumping into it. Powerups respawn every 5 seconds.

Fast Shot Edit

Powerup fast

Fast Shot increases disc speed and decreases delays between throws, however, it removes ability to rebound.

Freeze Shot Edit

Powerup freeze

Freeze Shot speeds player that was hit by powerup user down for 7 seconds. The freeze shot also causes the discs to home to an enemy.

Power Shot Edit

Powerup hard

Power Shot makes all discs decapitating.

Triple Shot Edit

Powerup triple

Triple Shot allows to launch three discs instead of one.

Visualize Rebounds Edit

Visualize Rebounds

Visualize Rebounds is a cut powerup. Probably the effect of this powerup is displaying trajectory of the disc. It was removed and the model has been replaced by a gift box, which is also used in Team Fortress Classic.