Deathmatch 2
Rc deathmatch2
Creator Valve Corporation
Game mode Deathmatch
Console codename rc_deathmatch2

Floors 3
Pads 16
Jump arrows 38
Deflectors 7
Teleporters 0
Powerups 2

Deathmatch 2 is a map in Ricochet. It is one of two deathmatch maps included with the game.


Deathmatch 2 is divided into three "floors". All three floors contain deflectors, but each floor doesn't contain as many floors as rc_deathmatch's first floor does. Powerups can be found on the second and third floors.


Be careful when getting onto a new floor, because there is a chance of a stray disk killing you as you jump to the next floor.

Trying to move down floors can be difficult because there are no jump arrows that let the player get to the previous floor.

Official maps in Ricochet[edit]
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