Rc arena
Creator Valve Corporation
Game mode Arena
Console codename rc_arena

Floors 1
Pads 8
Jump arrows 16
Deflectors 8
Teleporters 2

Arena is a map in Ricochet. It is the only official arena map included in Ricochet.


On Arena, there is one floor. It is the only Valve Corporation's map in the game to contain teleporters. The map design is symmetrical with two teleporters on each side. A small bridge connects two sides of the map. Powerups may spawn in the middle of the bridge. There are some deflectors at the edges of the map, but their location makes it harder to kill an enemy via a ricochet than in the other maps.


  • Use the teleporters to your advantage, you can surprise enemies with the teleporters.
  • Aim at where you think the enemy might land instead of aiming at the enemy.
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